2014 Honorable Mentions

By Michael Core

  • bo en - pale machine [MARU - 123]///London-based and Asian-infused, bo en samples old video games and spins a listener’s head like a top. Feels like Sophie, Dan Deacon, and Avalanches. Explosions, pets, purrs, strings, ummm, drums, birds, water, yacht rock, Mario Bros, bottle pops, and everything… This should have probably made Spare Grandma’s 2014 favorites, but oh whale. Seriously. Listen.
  • lee (asano+ryuhei) - 55555///Japanese sample-heavy minimal, hip-hop
  • Crying - Second Wind///8-bit layers fluttering in and out underneath twee pop vocals (Double Double Whammy)
  • Hitchhikers - Hitchhikers///Beaumont (TX)-based producer/musician, Garret Lindsey, moves around in the vein of Flying Lotus and Animal Collective.
  • Hair Cult - All Bum///Denver-based psych rock three piece
  • free cake for every creature - pretty good///For fans of Angel Olsen if she were using benzodiazepines
  • HOMESHAKE - In the Shower///Imagine a sedated, deadpan Mac DeMarco who likes to funk.

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Michael Core

Medical scribe, skateboarder, musician. Fan of Pitchfork, Aquarium Drunkard, KEXP, KANM Student Radio, and Brooklyn Vegan.